Monday, April 28, 2008

This ALWAYS gets them running!

This is the sound that gets us going. Every year, once we start the big spring thaw, we pull out the Ice Shaver and it becomes a permanant fixture on our counter. The first time it was fired up this year (just a few weeks ago) - I said to hubby - just watch, the kids will be in here in no time. Sure enough, within seconds of turning it on, they were bouncing around in the kitchen, just like the dog does when I am cooking bacon. We don't even have to have anything with it, just the ice gets them all excited. Personally, I live on the stuff for the next few months - it's so refreshing! Our favorite addition we have found so far is a mixture of two things - a little Grape Sno Cone Syrup and bit more Margarita Mix. We found a mango flavored margarita mix - that was wonderful, too. When we don't have any syrups on hand and really feel the need for flavor, a desparate measure is to mix up a packet of Kool-aid with the standard cup of sugar, but only about 2 cups of water. However, might I add, that is only when we are in desperate need of a sugar fix and have nothing else on hand. Anyhow, this little appliance is our favorite! Thank you Hawaiian Ice - you make a great ice shaver!

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