Thursday, May 8, 2008

Field Trip to Wheeler Farm

To our great Kindergarten teacher Ms. Johnsen - Thanks for the fun you have provided these kids this year (and last, of course). She started off by bringing eggs to the classroom and within a week or two there were a bunch of baby chicks. They grew quickly and the cardboard box was just too small for them. So, the class took a field trip to Wheeler Farm to give the chicks a new home.
Here's their new home!
Thing 2 is happy as can be feeding the pidgeons, ducks and geese - that's a good day for her. She loves to be around the animals - almost as much as she loves babies.
And of course, does The Boy get chased by a goose? Heck NO! He gets to do all of the chasing. Even when he saw a goose snap at one of the boys in the class, he was unrelenting in his quest to pet a goose. Fortunately, for the goose, The Boy just never quite caught up!

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