Thursday, May 8, 2008

Now That's Retro!

This t-shirt goes back a ways (okay, only to the mid-80's, but isn't that considered retro now???) My brother was on a high school band trip to Southern California and brought back this t-shirt for me. The Boy, who is currently wearing it is about to turn 3. At the time I received the shirt I was about 9. Since I was an average sized kid, I never did get to wear the shirt. So, I put it on my stuffed animal monkey where it has stayed ever since. Well, the monkey has recently resurfaced and I had to finally get some use out of that shirt. So, I took it off the monkey and put it onto the other monkey, aka The Boy. It was a perfect fit. The only problem is that The Boy is really concerned about taking the shirt off the monkey's back and really doesn't want to wear it. So I forced the issue long enough to get a cute picture and there it is! It helped when I let him know it was from Uncle Boogerhead - as that is his favorite person on earth.


Funk said...

He is getting so BIG!! The shirt is great, you ought to let him swap shirts with the Monkey, cause I think he looks pretty cute.

cheraf said...

He is such a cutie! It was fun to have him over today - the boys love him.