Monday, May 12, 2008

Racoon Rescued from Ferocious Scrub Jays

This morning Hubby had the chance to save a racoon from ferocious western scrub jays that have infested our yard this year. The poor racoon was only trying to get a scrub jay mcmuffin for breakfast and these pesky jays wouldn't let him alone. He tried to escape over the chain link fence at our neighbors and found himself high-centered on the top. Of course, the jays wouldn't even leave him alone then, they squawked and dove at him like crazy. The poor racoon couldn't do a thing. Hubby came out because of all the squawking just in time to see this sight - thank heavens he grabbed the camera. He went in to call Animal Control to the rescue and when he came back out the racoon was off the fence and just lying on the ground below. The poor thing had a rough morning - oh those Monday mornings, they get us all! A few minutes later the racoon was gone and all seemed peaceful again in the neighborhood.

1 comment:

Chanelle said...

WOW! What a sight to see. Dave says it would have made a nice hat ~ But I say I'm glad he is alright ;)