Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Goodbye Sharky!

YEAH!!! Thanks to the incredible skills of our wonderful family dentist, Mark Blaisdell - Thing 1 is now Thing 1 again, no more Shark Girl. This was not an easy task, Thing 1 has anxiety about doctor and dentist visits that really sends us all into an uproar. So, to have Dr. Blaisdell tackle this one, well, he just landed himself in the Hall of Fame. We also had the help of Nana to hold down one hand and myself to hold down the other. (THANKS - we needed you!) The best part was that after several shots of novacaine, Dr. Blaisdell asked Lauren if he could give her a shot now and she just about lost it, "No, NO, NOOOOOOO". When we finally calmed her down again, she was relieved to find out that he had already given her the shots - she'd had no idea. Anyhow, we were all dreading this outing, but it went much better than anticipated thanks to our favorite dentist! And yes, the tooth fairy really liked the teeth - small and shiny!

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Chanelle said...

Yea! Your so brave Thing 1!