Friday, May 30, 2008

School's OUT!!! :)

After checking out some of my favorite web sites and blogs (and finding a few new favorites...) I finally figured out a way to say thank you to all the wonderful teachers and staff members at our school. I figured you can't go wrong with chocolate (well, 99% of the time). So I made little cupcakes and topped them with white chocolate candy coating, sprinkles and a school colored M&M. Our classroom teachers each received a bowl full of the goodies and for the rest of the staff, I made cupcake lollipops and stuck that in a card that I can just set on their desk. Hopefully, everyone will know how much I really appreciate their work with my kids this year - it's been a good one!

This is Thing 2 at her end of year concert for the Kindergarten class - I can't believe she is moving on to first grade - YIKES!

These were some of the things she had to show off from her year - there was a definite "chick" theme, as those were the adopted class pets for a time this spring. They were sooooo cute!

Here is Thing 2 with Ms. Johnsen - we love her! Two years in a row and she has been a fun teacher to all these kids.

And here is our wonderful First Grade Teacher, Ms. San Miguel, with Thing 1. We are hoping to have her again next year. (The first graders didn't have an end of year concert this year - oh well!)


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cheraf said...

Holy Cow! They are so big! Congrats and enjoy your summer - not that I won't be seeing you.