Monday, June 2, 2008

Nature Walk in our Yard Today!

I Love My Peonies!!!

Here's a close-up of one, just so you can see how the color just POPS!!!
Now that it is officially summer break, we were going to go to the park, but we had some rain and then we really have a bedroom that needs to get painted or I am going to lose my mind - so I am off to go caulk! Anyhow, excuses, excuses - No park today, but we did take a minute to enjoy what has started to bloom. Since I am not the biggest fan of summer (I am the biggest heat wimp in the entire world - just ask Bert), I think the flowers are what get me through. We have agreed that we are in favor of purchasing older homes, just so that there are already established plants and trees - they make all the difference in the world to me. And who wouldn't be happy just looking at these gorgeous peonies. Thanks to our former owners, the Campbells, for all the color they added to the yard.

This rosebush was a present from last year, as you might tell from the photo, the actual bush is rather small still, but look at those blooms! And in another week or two the yellow roses will be blooming - they get out of control and so lovely all at the same time! We still need to plant this year's rose bush - I hope it makes it.

And in our travels around the yard, I saw this moth that acts like a hummingbird. It is HUGE for a moth, and it has a long mouth just like a hummingbird's beak. If anyone knows anything about these, please share. It was just funny to see.

So everyone, go out in your yards and find something pretty and let me know what you find - what a great way to start the summer. This is an assignment, if you read this post - FIND SOMETHING PRETTY AND LEAVE A COMMENT ABOUT IT!!!


Chanelle said...

HeHe! Those are actually called Hummingbird Moths! Aren't they cool?

And your flowers are so pretty! My previous owners didn't plant very many colorful things and it makes me sad. But, not to sad since I get to design everything myself. But, I have nothing blooming yet except for some scentless miniature roses ~ Yuck! Though there is one bush of yellow ones that kinda smell. Maybe I'll post those. Thanks for the great post ~ I really enjoyed it!

Chanelle said...

BTW ~ I love how your blog is evolving! It is so neat looking!

Jenny in Utah said...

I knew that you would know what those were called - they are funny!

Amber said...

One of our newly planted trees now has leaves and the one we thought was dying looks like it just might make it--does that count? I LOVE your peonies!! Oh, and I'm diggin' "Bert"--that's what I voted for! Did it win?

Jenny in Utah said...

Bert tied with Grumpy - so I guess it will just depend on my mood. I am feeling nice right now :) so I went ahead with Bert! And I hope your little tree makes it!!!!

i'm kelly said...

beautiful pictures!

Rae said...

Your peonies are beautiful! I am so ecstatic about mine as well. Gardening has become a hobby for me in the past 6 years or so. In fact I drove 80 miles yesterday so I could procure THE exact echinacea plant I've been dying to get! Crazy!!!

BTW, I found your blog through "According to Kelly"'s swap!