Friday, June 6, 2008

My Neurotic Dog

I love my dog - he is so pretty and is very loyal ... to me! Ever since we brought him home I have been able to sleep at night if Bert is gone (I'm usually the neurotic mess jumping at every sound I hear). Bert got the dog for me when I was pregnant with The Boy, I was just so miserable that I needed something to brighten up my day - and I had always wanted a Papillion! So we adopted Felix and the training began. Bert found himself having to be very firm with our sweet little dog and, early on, established himself as the Alpha Male in the house. And that hasn't changed. Felix has been housebroken for a long time, and Bert hasn't had to get after him for a long time, but that poor dog still shivers and shakes around him. It's really kind of sad. Last night I was going downstairs and Bert was down there already. Since the dog is my very loyal companion, he follows wherever I go, even when it means going somewhere that is scary. The whole way down the stairs Felix would take one step, look around, pause, then take another. But he made it. Fortunately, the days of the "Show of Submissiveness" are over. It used to be that whenever Bert got home from work Felix would just relieve himself right there in front of Bert, just to make sure that Bert knew that Felix knew Bert was "The Man". It was funny and annoying all at the same time. Like I said, however, thankfully those days are over - you really can only stand cleaning up so much urine before it gets to be old. So, we go on each day, Felix by my side at all times, protecting and befriending me, just looking for a little attention and loving to go on walks (which he doesn't get enough of) - you want to see a hyper dog - just pull out his leash! I figure we'll all make it through this somehow, but I keep thinking of getting the "Dog Whisperer" to come and assess our situation. As it is, this poor dogs nerves are going to send him to an early grave, and that's just too sad.

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Chanelle said...

I love Felix! Which reminded me ~ I miss you guys! We need to get together soon!