Friday, June 6, 2008

The Chronicles of Roomia - The Ceiling, the Window and the Wardrobe!

This room has been the unending saga of our home. The funny thing is that it has never even been used as more than a play room for the kids. But is has received more attention and caused more stress than any other room in our home. It started just after we moved in, we realized the roof was leaking and the leak went right into this room. Bert and his dad worked hard to patch the roof and over several years of trying the leak just wouldn't get plugged. So we had water leaking into this room for years (only, of course, when there was a rainstorm - not very often here in our little desert!). But the damage was done and the room needed attention. We started by getting a new roof - Yeah - NO LEAKS! We also decided the windows, that were the original house windows, were not being very helpful, between the 1/4 inch gaps and the condensation, things were not looking good for them. So, our dear Brother in Law Greg, the Pella Man, hooked us up with some great new windows - Wahoo. Then, it was time to heal the wounds, we needed to cut out a large portion of the damaged ceiling and put in a new one. This winter it FINALLY happened. Thanks to Tim, we bartered music gear for manual labor and ... ta da ... we have a new ceiling. We added crown molding and a new baseboard and then it was time to move away from the pink wallpaper - our easy answer, cover it up with texture and then PAINT. That is where you find us today. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and bought the necessary items to rebuild the inside of the closet (wardrobe for the sake of this blog entry) and a few things to make a cute window shelf. We are really hoping to get it done soon - it has gone on for years and years and years (about 7 to be more precise), and I can't help but think that the end is in sight ... So, our to do list is as follows:
1. Fill in the nail holes on the trim and sand everything down
2. Prime the new textured wall
3. Build the window shelf
4. Wash down the walls
5. Pull out the old closet shelf, fill in holes, sand it down and wash
6. PAINT!!!
7. Install new outlets
8. Pull carpet, and old nails and staples
9. Shine up the hardwood floors
10. Add decorative features (curtains, etc.) AND ...
So, send all your positive finishing up energy our way, I think we can, I think we can, I think we can and if we don't, I am certain I will lose my mind!


Coleen & Kelly said...

this will be awesome when you are done!

i've gotten your emails & replied back. it's probably in spam, no biggie. here's the info again:
i'm so thrilled you've joined the swap! all the details concerning your swap partner will be sent out after sign ups have closed. until then, i encourage you to one: comment on the blog post, if you haven't already! (for me, one of the best things about swaps is getting to know all these lovely peoples on in the blog-o-sphere. personally, i love to go through the comments section & click on everyone who has commented. this is the perfect opportunity to maybe meet a new friend or two!) second, i encourage you to start dreaming up your package (i don't know about you, but for me this actually involves crossing things off my list, i have sooo many ideas).

again, thanks for joining up! if you have any questions, just shoot me an email!


i'm kelly said...

opps! that was me, wrong blog name

Chanelle said...

I can't wait to see it when you done! How fun!

Amber said...
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Amber said...

Curse those blasted home projects! Only they're SO worth it when finished! Good luck to you guys and can't wait to see the finished project! Looks like you joined the "favorite things" swap. Kelly is Dan's cousin's cousin and I always "lurk" on her blog (I'm still trying to figure out how she does it all!)but haven't ever joined in on one of her swaps. I want to hear all about it and maybe I'll give it a go on the next one! Looks fun!