Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick Little Update

Just had to add an update to our progress - we have been very busy getting the room done without time for much fun - poor kids! Anyhow, here's the list:

1. Fill in the nail holes on the trim and sand everything down -- CHECK
2. Prime the new textured wall -- CHECK
3. Build the window shelf
4. Wash down the walls -- CHECK
5. Pull out the old closet shelf, fill in holes, sand it down and wash -- CHECK
forgot to add ... Build New Closet Shelves -- CHECK
6. PAINT!!! -- CHECK
7. Install new outlets
8. Pull carpet, and old nails and staples
9. Shine up the hardwood floors
10. Add decorative features (curtains, etc.)
AND ...

Painting proved to be more of a chore than we anticipated. We went through three different shades of green before we settled on the perfect hue. The second color even RAN like crazy, so there was some sanding that had to be completed before the final paint coud be applied. Anyhow, it looks GREAT and the trim is all done now (THANKS AIMEE) and now we get to pull out the ugly old carpet and look at the pretty floors. I would have included a photo, but we are now in the market for a new camera - Bert was taking pictures of his scouts as they were out on the lake the other day and, well, I am sure you can imagine what happened to the camera. The good news is that the pictures on the memory card were just fine. So, now off to shop! Any recommendations for a good, affordable digital camera? We don't need any fancy features, just something easy to use. Any suggestions????

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