Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Felicidades Espana!!!

We are a few days late on getting to post, but we had to do a shout out for Spain who just won the Big-Daddy of soccer games ... The 2008 European Soccer Championships (which is like being the WORLD champions, just for the record)!!! The final game was against Germany and they won 1-0. Spain hasn't won a major championship since 1964. Now, many of you may wonder why this even deserves a post on some american ladies blog, but can I just say this is so awesome. When I was in Spain I quickly learned how soccer is their life - it courses through their veins. I spent a lot of time in Barcelona, and you could walk down the street during one of Barca's games, and all you would hear is EVERY radio in every home (most windows were open) and bar and place of business tuned into the game. When something big happened a collective cheer could be heard from everywhere and soon after a cannon booming in the background. Although I haven't really ever caught the soccer bug, I am so happy for my Spaniard friends - this is a big deal for them and they have been waiting for this for a long time. Congratulations to the great team that brought this victory - Viva Espana!

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