Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Husband - The Rock Star!!!

We went out to Taylorsville Dayzz to hear Bert's band perform. It was a fun gig, they had a great sound and lots of energy. And considering that the lead singer is 7 months pregnant, that is quite a feat! It's always fun to rock out, but as you can see in the photos, The Boy did not take so well to the event. For some reason he was pouting the whole time, except for the last two or three songs. Then he got up and started dancing, he was ready for more when it was over, isn't that how it goes sometimes. Thing 2 started dancing once the lead singer offered $3 to the best disco moves, her ears perked up and she got right up and started dancing, never sat down again. She didn't win the $3, but I had to give her a buck for trying. And Thing 1 sang along to all the songs as we listen to them so much at home that they are engrained in our brains. We can't wait for more gigs with this group, good job Bert - You Rock!

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