Friday, June 27, 2008

She's Thinking About Her Future!

So today, The Boy kissed Thing 2 and she was pretty disgusted by the whole thing. I took to questioning The Boy and the following conversation ensued:

Mom to The Boy: "Did you kiss your sister today?"

The Boy: "Mmm - Hmmmm" (that's a yes)

Mom: "Why did you kiss her, do you love her?"

The Boy: "Mmm - Hmmmm" (another yes)

Mom: "Do you want to marry her?" (hoping for a no this time)

Before he has time respond...

Thing 2: "Noooooooo - ewwwwww - then all our babies would have 2 heads and when they wanted to go in different directions they would start to bleed and that would just be sad."

Hmmmm - glad to see she is thinking ahead!

ps - I've never told her that if you marry your brother your babies will have two heads, maybe Bert had that conversation with her, I'll have to ask!


Chanelle said...

HEHE! That was a hoot!

Deb F said...

Still giggling on that one.