Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And We Thought 2 Was Crazy!!!

We thought life with a 2 year old boy was crazy, guess what has been happening since The Boy turned 3? More craziness. And ever since Aunt Aimee and Thing 2 had a little talk, things haven't been the same around here. You should have seen Thing 2's eyes light up when she found out that Aunt Aimee used to dress her little brother (yep - Bert) in ballet costumes and trick him into taking dance lessons. The wheels started turning and The Boy started getting daily makeovers. It seems I get to update Bert at work daily as to their antics. Not all the calls had to do with makeovers, however. This Boy is in to a lot more than just that. During the first few frantic updates, Bert asked if I had at least managed to take a picture. Since one of those incidents involved a DEAD BIRD found outside our home, there just wasn't time for a picture. Between screaming in horror and dread and then tearing off the clothes he was wearing so that I could get them into the incinerator and then trying to figure out how best to wash off his skin without having him end up looking like the Joker from Batman (that's just scary) - capturing this Kodak moment was the least of my concerns. But finally I have learned to put aside my own crazed anxiety and try to find the humor of the moment. This boy is one of a kind, and since he now has a little brother, I really hope they broke the mold the first time! I don't know if I can do this again.
Anyhow, this is what he has been up to:

The other day we were pretty busy with some projects and it was lunchtime. I turned to Thing 2 (while The Boy was nearby) and asked her what she was making us for lunch. Of course, I was kidding, but Thing 2 and The Boy didn't think twice about it and went right up to the kitchen to make some eggs. The eggs didn't make it into the frying pan, as you can see, but we saved the ones in his hands.

The other day he got into the glue - fortunately the glue was purchased for all of 20 cents at a back to school sale ... because he used the whole thing! You can't really tell, but his diaper is covered and there's quite a bit on his belly. He really thinks he is neat.

So I quickly plopped him up on the counter by the sink and stripped off his shirt - he had already taken off his pants, as is the usual case with this one. We wiped him down and I told him to stay there as I was working on dinner. I wanted him to dry off a little bit before I got him down. So, you would think that by now I would have figured out the importance of surveying the scene for possible "dangers" (or other potential messes). But, I really am not that quick. So, back to cooking, turning my back to him (I was making Gazpacho and was so excited as it had been a long time since I had made any - check out the Cooking European recipe blog for yourself - the vegetables alone were just gorgeous), I got back to work. As I was working on the Bell Pepper, I had to take it to the sink to clean out the seeds. That is when I saw this:

He had a creamy white blob in his hand and mouth - my first thought was that I hadn't take the glue away from him. But as I got closer I found that is had a much more pleasing smell than the glue. Now I can understand the smile on his face ... it was butter.

I had left the butter dish on the counter (I didn't notice it sitting right behind him) and it was really soft (as it is the middle of July). He just scooped his fingers in and took a big ole bite of butter. Yummmmm! I was able to laugh about this one! I have to give a huge thank you to the writer of the Ponytail Challenge (I think her name is Camille). She encouraged everyone (earlier that week) to Find Joy in the Unexpected ... I would say a big handful of butter would definitely fall in the unexpected category. And I was able to find the joy (at least the humor) and not blow my gasket!

So, that is life with a three year old boy - I thought two was a little crazy. I have a lot to learn!


Chanelle said...

What a great post! And good luck with the coming days! ;)

Deb F said...

He is going to hate that photo one day, I mean hate. He will be proud of the others. Love the kid!!

Amber said...

That picture is so dang funny! What a cutie pie...he looks way too cute being naughty!! I mean seriously, how could you get mad at that face??