Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Giving Away This CD!!!

In honor of school starting this week (for my kids), I am giving away a CD created by my brother-in-law. These are songs he wrote to help teach different concepts to the children in his classes (he has taught 4th and 6th grades). Ivisited his classroom once and he had the kids sing a few of the songs for me. The kids were so enthusiastic about the songs I was completely blown away. And soon Lamar put together this CD. He has even more songs that I am waiting for him to get into a Volume 2 - hopefully soon. His sound is somewhat reminiscent of They Might Be Giants and Ben Folds (yes, I am a BIG fan of both). Some of the titles of his songs are: Parts of a Plant, Three Kinds of Clouds, Digestion, The Smallest Part of Something, Artists from Italy and The Castle of Elements and then there is the whole A Day in the Life of Fifty Capitals, a Song Saga. There are 38 songs in all, and then he replayed the songs without lyrics, so you can sing on your own (and you will want to - or your kids will, at least). So, all you have to do is respond to this post anytime this week, up until Saturday night - August 30th, and I will randomly pick someone and send this their way. Just make sure there is a link to your blog so I can let you know you won. This is not a high traffic blog- just my own personal ramblings, so if you are a complete stranger, please feel free to leave a comment, just make sure I can get in touch with you to let you know. Happy back to school everyone - and I hope Lamar can sell lots of these and become a millionaire - my kids could use a rich uncle! :)


Karlyn said...

Piper loved Mr. Lamar at Sandcastle and was excited to see his picture!

Chanelle said...

This sounds like fun! Thanks for doing this!

Jen said...

This sounds wonderful! I would definitely be able to utilize a CD like this in my teaching.

Amber said...

I love freebies, and this CD looks really cool. I think you should "randomly" pick me! Good luck to Lamar, hope it does well.

linsey said...


Thanks for the highlight!


linsey said...

jenny, you are so nice! thank you! so who won?
i just got to read this since i just got a computer. how fun! keep the positive thoughts coming! he's performing at the national conf. in november-by invitation! we are so excited! and he has started on volume 2!