Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Raining Aprons!

What a fun day! My big sis, visiting from Australia, decided we needed a day at the spa. I have never been out for a spa visit and was super excited to give it a go. So, after an hour massage and an incredible facial - here I am feeling like a million bucks - THANKS DEB - it was fantastic. And thanks to Mom for watching The Boys so that I could go.

Well - it just gets better ... look what was waiting at my front door - my apron! Wait, there's THREE OF THEM!!! My incredible swap partner made matching aprons for me and my girls. Is there extra credit out there for her in the swapping world, because she deserves it! Anyhow - Jackie from Michigan - You Rock! Your aprons and mits are fabulous and we are so happy and so excited to get cooking!

Look how cute we look:

Thank you Jackie -may you have a wonderful fall and enjoy the apron that was made for you!

I am posting a picture of the apron I sent to Kristiina in Colorado - I hope you like it. And since you have two boys - I'm not feeling too bad about not making matching aprons for them! :)

This swap thing is so fun - I can't wait to do another - Thanks Lucy for hosting this, I appreciate all the time you put into getting this organized!

Happy Baking Everyone!


The Burns Family said...

Jenny, I just got done with a long day and decided to head out to the mail box snf zi found my apron, YEAH! I love it. The thing I love about apron swaps i you get some thing you wouldn't consider for yourself, and absolutely love it! Thank you so much, I can't wait to put it on, I think I just might use it for the dishes tonight. Oh, and I know you weren't too fond of the oven mitt, but I really like it, it has character. Thanks again!
PS. I don't think my 4.5 and 1yr old would have been to crazy about a matching apron either, ok maybe the 1yr old would even know what was going. :) Have a great Holiday season!

Zombette said...


Wow...I love the one(s) you got and I Loooooove the one you made! You are so talented!

I have had a sewing machine for a little over a year. I probably should learn how to sew...not just 'hem' and 'alter'. Been looking for lessons here in the vicinity of the PG....

You are so gorgeous chica! Have we always been friends? Why? Never knew I'd have the privilege of friendship with such a beauty. :-)

You made some BEAUTIFUL children, too...oops! Way off topic. :-) I have a harder time every day telling your girls apart.