Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I Love Wednesday - BERT

Okay - so I might have made some of you think I was mad at Bert about the whole shirt conversation, to tell you the truth we were both laughing our heads off after I called him a "Jerk". In our strange little word, "Jerk" has become one of my terms of endearment for him. So, to make sure the world knows how much I love that man - he is going to be my first installment in my What I Love Wednesday Posts. I am doing this to make sure that I am taking time to focus on the things I love and share that love with others.

Here we go ...

What I Love About Bert:

He works so hard for our family

He's a thinker
He's adventurous
He doesn't get mad when I put a tattoo of him on David Beckham's chest

His sense of humor keeps me either rolling my eyes (but secretly loving it) or in complete stitches

He is open and honest with me (sometimes a bit excessively)

He's sexy

He loves me

He takes out the garbage

He looks and sounds good playing his bass
He supports my crush on Johnny Depp

He thinks it's sooooo cool that his wife has a favorite Jimi Hendrix song (btw - it's Waterfall)

He loves to do many of the same things I love to do

He loves Spain

He even likes my cooking

He is dedicated to his religion

He makes our kids laugh their heads off

He lets me hide downstairs for a few hours and sew the apron that I need to get in the mail ASAP for the Apron Swap I joined

He loves his family

He loves tigers

He and my neurotic dog get along better nowadays - looks like I can keep both of them! WHEW!

Well - that's my starter list - he is my dearest, sweetest friend - we have a very open, honest relationship - he always wants to kiss me and makes sure I know how much he loves me! I have a wonderful mate in him and I am so glad our seven year courtship made it so that we are where we are today. This is What I Love About Bert!

And, here are a few of my favorite posts about him:

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