Friday, September 19, 2008

My Baby has a Room! Finally!

Aaahhhh, those lovely nesting days when we get everything ready for our sweet little bundle of joy to arrive. We clean the house, top to bottom, we get the carpets cleaned, we get out all the baby gear, then we put it all together in a darling little room for our little one.

That's how it's been for us for the first three kids, but The King, and his 3.5 weeks early debut left us in a bit of a lurch. I had pulled out the big plastic bins of baby clothes and that was about it. My mom took them home and washed them and folded them so neatly. That's about all we had ready when on that wonderful, surprising day.

So, here we are 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days old (how fun, too bad it's not a Tuesday) and we finally have a lovely little abode for our sweet baby.

Here's what the room looked like yesterday morning: (this is embarrassing, but what dignity do I have left anyway?)

And here's the finished product - all clothing items are organized and neatly settled in their proper places. And I am one happy momma!

I think I'll add this to the procrastination challenge!


HDMac said...

It looks absolutely lovely!!! The baby is going to feel so safe and loved in that room! GREAT job!!!!

My daughter went to set up her crib for her baby this week and found out it had been recalled! :(

Karlyn said...

You crack me up! But, let me say something that will make you feel better......It's been 7.5 years for us, not 2 years 2 months and 2 days!

cheraf said...

I love that hour, maybe two, when everything is in it's proper place. Well, the King is still a little guy so maybe it'll last a bit longer than that. It's way cute! Our boys are still in mismatched furniture and will be until they no longer fit in those toddler beds.

linsey said...

so glad you finally got some time to be able to get something done!

splummer said...

Am new at virtually organized. Your room looks great!! Good Job!!! Take Care!!