Sunday, September 21, 2008

In One Week My Life is Changing!

It's true - things will be very different next week ...

I probably shouldn't say anything about it, but I am just way too excited.

I'm starting to lose sleep just imagining what it will be like.

A new adventure begins.

I have been waiting and wondering.

I have been left in suspense.

But now I know it all and in one week you all will, too!

And since I can't keep it to myself, well, here it is:

Watch CBS Videos Online

Ooohhhhh Yeeeeaaaahhhh!

That's right, the new season of The Amazing Race begins.

September 28 - no more Sunday night blogging, eh? (total lie - I'll be watching it Monday morning on - practically commercial free, thank you very much)

I've already picked my favorite teams - yeah, I surprised myself this time! The Southern Belles (I can't believe I'm going with the blondies, but they are just so nice and I always go with the nice ones first) and my second pick, the New Yorkers - LOVE the fohawk (or is it faux-hawk?).

Another season of Phil, Phil and more Phil

Not to mention some fun adventures

And then there is the scenery

Bless you CBS!
I need to get out more and you provide my vicarious fix.


Tabitha Blue said...

LOL, I love this post. Too funny! I was so in suspense for the first few sentences! My husband really likes this show too... and has pretty much got me hooked on it as well. :)

Deb F said...

You had too much fun writing this huh! Good thing you don't know who wins you might tell us the ending. Can't keep a secret.

Amber said...

I LOVE THE AMAZING RACE! It is my favorite show. I haven't been watching much TV at all lately and have to admit that I didn't know that Sunday is the kick off! Thanks for this post, I just can't wait!

cheraf said...

As soon as I saw the first sentence of this post I knew it would be about the Amazing Race. You may have a bona fide addiction... It really is a good show - I'll have to stay on top of it this season so we can chat about it. I'm going with the makeup girls who can do quick touch-ups as they go. How prissy can you be?! I think they'll provide some good laughs.