Monday, September 22, 2008

The First Month of School ...

I have been wanting to post pictures of the kids from their first day of school for quite a while, and just today I realized it has actually been one full month (and a day). The morning school started we all got ready - they looked pretty cute - then we did our new tradition of "Energy Circles" (thanks for explaining it Linsey - we love it) and said a morning prayer. And then rushed off to school. I totally forgot to snap some pictures. So I made sure I got to the school before classes were out and was ready to pounce with my camera. We got Thing 1 and Thing 2 by their classrooms and then we were able to get Thing 2 with her teacher Ms. SM - whom we love, love, love! But Thing 2's teacher was still on maternity leave, so we haven't had a chance to snap a photo with her yet. After visiting around the school a little bit we headed home and took the traditional picture by the front door, back pack in tow. Funny thing about the afternoon - there's lots of dark shadows. So, if you are short, your picture isn't too bad, but if you have shot up lately, your face is right in the shadows (sorry Thing 1 - but you did grow). Overall, it was a really great day. The kids have incredible teachers and wonderful friends in their classes. Thing 2 was even invited to a birthday party to be held after school the next week. It's so fun to watch them make cute friends and play with the cute friends they already have. So, here is what the first day looked like at the end of the day: (I threw in a few of The King just for fun)

Now, since I am dragging this post out to represent the first month of school, I have to post photos of the fantastically popular family friendly Fall Fiesta - it's what funds our school for the year. They have every activity under the sun available, along with tacos and churros. There is a Silent Auction and even some drawings. The community is a great support to the school and the families make the school run, we are the school. This is why I love our school. Here are some photos from the Fall Fiesta :

Great Job kids on starting out the school year right. We are keeping up on reading and homework and making lots of new friends. I am glad they have such a great school to attend.

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cheraf said...

How fun! I'm kind of excited for the boys to be in elementary school - there's so much in store for them. Although it's okay if it doesn't come too soon.