Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jenny's Pumpkin Projects

I love autumn - it's my favorite time of year! Autumn in Utah is our best season. It squelches the melting summer heat, provides crisp and cool mornings and evenings along with warm afternoons, and we actually have a real autumn season (unlike spring in Utah that only lasts one day).
I also love autumn because of the colors - browns, reds, oranges, yellows and deep greens - these are my colors - I wear them, I use them in decorating and just about anything I do. Autumn is my season.
And to me, pumpkins seem to be the quintessential symbol of autumn. They ripen just as the days are cooling down and getting shorter. Their rich orange color coordinates so well with the natural fall landscape. They are part of Halloween and Thanksgiving - my two favorite holidays.
So my head has been spinning with all sorts of pumpkin projects I am dying to do this autumn. Some are silly, some are tasty and some are ones I have found through other blogs, (credit will be given, no worries).
I'll list them here as they are completed:


Julie W said...

Oh, I love Autumn too! I think the change is what I love most...it makes you feel all warm and happy inside...it is the beginning of the family season!

cheraf said...

Amen! Autumn wins best season - hands down. Those are some of my favorite colors too. I even love Autumn smells the best! Jenny, we were just meant to be friends.