Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paid in Full

And I think we got a really good deal on him!
Yesterday I was able to get all of the doctor bills paid - looks like we own him free and clear now. Considering our current national economic status, I was quite relieved to get this taken care of - we'd hate to have to deal with a repossession! (And might I add, in my present state of disorganization, this was no small task.) Thank Heavens it's done, I have some added peace of mind AND I have one more completed project for the:

Thanks Debbie at Virtually Organized for all the motivation to get these things DONE!


Dee Light said...

I love this post!! I hate medical bills. They are so confusing, and of course my husband wants me to match them up to insurance info to make sure we are not paying something that should have been coverd. I had that same feeling of relief when all of "baby" bills were payed!!

He is wonderful, I know he is a blessing!! such a cutie!!

Amber said...

Oh what a great feeling! Those hospital bills are the worst ones. They actually started calling me to ask for payments on my baby while I was lying in the hospital room just hours post delivery. What a way to spoil the moment!

Congratulations! He is definitely a keeper, not that you would seriously consider returning him.

Chanelle said...

Hehe! Loved the post.

And yes, let's get together and please bring Felix. Rocksy (Dave loves her name and wanted to make it more appropriate for us ~ ;) ) came from a family that had another dog, so she would love to play with someone. Let me know when you think you could do it, even if it is after school for an hour or two. Loves!

HDMac said...


RE: the headbands on my blog. :)

The headband directions we had to purchase from the website. www.hipgirlclips.com

I will tell you this. I dont purchase many patterns. But I believe this one is worth it. These headbands are really nice and they would make wonderful gifts for the girls' friends also.

We were commenting while we were making them that these would be really nice with uniforms. Wish I had this when my daughters were in the Christian school and wore uniforms! They would have dressed them right up.

Let me decide what you decide about purchasing it. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed. I have 10 granddaughters and the ones that have them so far just love them! I am going to make some Christmas ones and send them to my neice in Colorado for her girls. I found the www.ribbonretreat.com the best source all around for the ribbon and the headbands. We also made barettes. The barrettes are free when you register for free at the hipgirlsclips forum. :)

Michal said...

ugh. our last baby cost over five thousand dollars with insurance. it took us a year and a half to pay for her.

thanks for stopping by my blog and delurking!:) it's always nice to meet another mom. looks like you are doing a wonderful job.