Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Have Nothing to Fear, but Fear Itself!

I have tried REALLY hard to not get into heavy or political matters on this blog - despite the fact that I am very opinionated on many of these matters. But today I cannot keep quiet. I am so mad at the media - they are trying to scare your pants off, and that's just what we need, millions of Americans running around without pants!

Let me start off by quoting one of my MOST FAVORITE scriptures of all:

2 Timothy chapter 1 verse 7

"For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

This scripture helps me in ALL aspects of my life. Once I start to feel fear, I am able to see that this is not coming from a good source. So I quickly seek out my Heavenly Father, as He has promised to fill my soul with power, love and a sound mind. So where I am going with this? Everything I have heard and read from the media over the past few days, in reference to our current economic woes, would evoke FEAR! This is not how God wants you to feel right now. He wants you to see the power you have, he wants you to have love in your heart and he wants you to have peace of mind.

I am writing this to encourage EVERYONE to visit Dave Ramsey's website TODAY! He has a plan - called "The Common Sense Fix" that can help you exercise the power you have, the power to do something to help, the power to be a voice for those in a position to call the shots. Please read this, and if you agree with him, please take the time to do what he recommends. (I will just add that I was able to read through everything and email my senators and state representative in about 10 minutes.)

He was being interviewed on the radio this morning and asked us to consider if it makes sense to give $700 BILLION dollars to a government that has misappropriated funds for so long now? Do we want them to be given this money and then just "trust" that they'll put it to good use. Track records show otherwise. There are other options to just handing over the money - please go to his website and read over his plan. Then, if you agree, please DO SOMETHING - even if it is only just today. Today take a stand for your economic future and mine, and our childrens'.

Don't be scared, just be empowered!


Tabitha Blue said...

Sounds great, I'll check it out! We like Dave Ramsey around here... good advice. :) Thanks

Tia Langston said...

Millions of Americans running around without pants!!!!! I love it!