Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What I Love Wednesday - DAD

I love my dad! He left this world too soon, but I have never stopped thinking about him and loving him for the great example he left me. Since he passed away when I was 14, many of the people in my life (husband, children, newer friends) didn't ever get the chance to meet him. So, working through my tears, let me tell you what I love about my dad:

He had a thing for cars (see above - his '51 Ford)

He LOVED to golf - but he loved me more ... he gave up a golf outing with a pro golfer to be at the hospital when I was born

He had a great sense of humor

His childhood nickname was Funnybook Funk

He gave me whisker burns all the time

He and I would watch M*A*S*H together

He was very smart - set a great example for me in school

He was also very artistic - my sister got those genes, though :)

The Boy looks a lot like him if you go to his baby pictures - it's so fun to see my dad in my little guy

He picked a really great mom for me

He fought a very debilitating disease for years

He let his pride down when his children (and we were literally children at the time) had to take care of him

He couldn't stand being "holed" up and would get out and enjoy the world any way he could

He was very likable

He got me started on my two most irritating "addictions" - computers and talk radio, I remember listeing to Art Bell with him!

He was part of the Engineers vs. the Forestry students rivalry at Utah State - his year was classic! (even nerds have fun)

He let me make fun of his small home town when I was a kid - Tre"rotten" - I was such a stinker

He loved my mom

He loved me, my sister and my brother

He loved his friends

He was a skier - this did not rub off on me, but I can appreciate his love for the sport

His goulash - uggghhh- again, hated it, but at least he kept cooking it regardless of me being such a picky eater

His desire to live kept him alive years longer than probably would have happened otherwise - I am so grateful he fought to live as long as he did

His desire to enjoy life despite his illness - he died while on vacation with my mom and their two dear friends Ron and Ruby

I have so many wonderful memories of him, I know I drove him a little crazy sometimes, but I never doubted his love for me. I appreciate the fact that I was left with as many memories of him as I have. He had a lot on his plate and he dealt with it all with courage and strength. I love him, admire him and miss him so dearly. I look forward to seeing him again someday!

I love my dad!


cheraf said...

Jenny, that's such a neat thing to post. Your dad sounds like he was wonderful. He gave you some great things to pass along to your kids!

Amber said...

Okay, I cried when I read this! What an incredible man and a thoughtful tribute to him.