Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Know This is Short Notice

But, we are having a wedding tomorrow and you are all invited.

The Boy proposed to our long time friend Courtney, and after promising to give her a trampoline, she accepted and the wedding is on. He decided 2 o'clock sounded good, so we will be having the ceremony then.
We are very excited as we all pretty much are Courtney's biggest fanns - we couldn't be happier.
The happy couple is registered at Toys R Us, if interested.


Chanelle said...

LOL ~ I needed a good laugh tonight, and that sure hit the spot!

Deb F said...

That is great, one question—only Toy-r-us? what about ice cream? Baskin Robbins?

Zombette said...

This would be a little funnier (to me) if it didn't 'hit so close to home'...know what I mean?

LOL. Actually, it's still pretty funny. And, thank you again for coming to my wedding with one day of notice. :-)

Love yer guts!