Friday, October 24, 2008

One More Thing

Any great ideas to help my little guy get out of this situation?

I think our potty training has taken big hit today!



Julie said...

Ohh no!!! I bet that hurt coming off!

Amber said...

"Potty training" is a swear word in our house! It's very nice to get a laugh out of it with this picture though! Just goes to show that he's cute no matter what he's wearing!

I was actually going to suggest this topic for The Mommy Awards blog. Ella does really well for weeks at a time and then will have a couple of days of nonstop accidents. It gets so frustrating! I don't even want to attempt nighttime!

Deb F said...

OK I commented on this, and either you didn't like it and deleted it or it really didn't post. Anyway I just commented on your love of toilets and who actually took it off? :)

Tia Langston said...

Looks like something has gone terribly wrong here. I think your hubby needs to do a little more explaining next time.