Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parenting Moment Gone BAAAAADDDDD!

We were just at the store and Thing 1 was telling me how she just ended up making up songs, she didn't know why, but she just did. Being the fan of Thoreau that I am, I decided to take a moment to teach her about living "deliberately"- that we actually do know why we do things and we do things because we WANT to do things. So I asked her if it was just by accident that she was making up the songs. She shrugged, not really committing to any answer.

I really wanted to take a moment to make sure she understood that the things we do in life are not accidental, but choices that we make. Making up songs is a great thing to do, and I wanted her to know that is was okay for her to want to do that. We are trying to raise confident daughters, really, we are. So I started with the following line of questioning:

Mommy (who really should have just kept her yap shut):"Do you think it was an accident that I married Daddy?"

Thing 1: "Well, no"

Mommy (really Jenny, shut it): "Do you think it was an accident that I taught school?"

Thing 1: "No" (it actually appears like I am getting somewhere with this)

Mommy (not content to leave it at that): "Do you think it is an accident that I sew aprons?"

Thing 1: "No"

Finally ready to let it go, I start looking for the right size of furnace filter when Thing 2 chimes in with the following:

Thing 2: "Yeah, do you think it was an accident that Mommy and Daddy had kids?"

Oh Mercy ... I will neither confirm nor deny such a statement, but for their sake, I really had to plead the 5th.

So, I just kept looking at the furnace filters. (We really prefer the term surprise, anyway!)

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Karlyn said...


I was a surprise.....NOT an accident.