Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What I Love Wednesday - Halloween

Okay - maybe this is a little pagan-ish of me - but I love Halloween!
It is one of the best times of the year for me - costumes, fall, candy and fun - what's not to love?
I love finding out each year what the kids want to be for Halloween.
I love the challenge of transforming them into the desired character.
I love their delight in becoming someone/something new for a day (or two, or three).
I love the warm autumn afternoons that we sometimes have (looks like this year is a GO!)
I love going to the school parties and playing games with the kids and parading them around the school.
I love taking them to grandma's and grandpa's for a good surprise.
I love carving up a pumpkin to whatever my heart desires.
I love helping the kids do the same, and getting into all the gooey guts.
I love the smell of candles burning in the carved pumpkins.
I love eating the pumpkin seeds.
I love hearing kids running down the street, laughing and shouting.
I love the doorbell ringing.
I love scaring them when I get the chance.
I love hearing my neighbor cackle so loud and so long that she loses her voice for the next week.
I love watching the kids dump their bags of candy out on the floor and going quickly and quietly for their chocolate. (shhh - don't tell)
I love watching kids sit on the floor - in messy costumes - smiling and laughing about how much fun they just had.
I love tucking them in bed that night with huge smiles on their faces, and a bit of a sugar high.
I love Halloween.

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linsey said...

where's your costume????