Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Have Emerged from the Batcave Bearing Costumes!

We now present our 2008 Halloween Line-up (and boy was this fun):

Starting off easy - The King gets to wear the little frog outfit we have had since Thing 1 was a baby, but none of them were ever the right size to wear it for Halloween. Way to go King - Aunt Debbie will be so happy.

We had this cute little pea outfit as a backup (thanks Aunt Katie), but since the frog fits (barely) we are going with that purely for sentimental reasons. But it was a tough decision because the pea is very cute and he would have been twins with his little birthday buddy, Georgia!

Not to fear, however, Bert is showing that it could be an option for later years.

The Boy really wanted to be Batman, and upon questioning my Sisters-in-law who are mothers of boys, I was able to locate one. Thank Aunt Aimee!

Thing 1 had her heart set on being Little Red Riding Hood - I couldn't wait to get started. Here she is ready to go, now if she can get feeling better by tomorrow - stinks to be sick on Halloween, but look what a good sport she was smiling for me anyway.

And ever since Disneyland (3 years ago), I think Thing 2 has had this in the back of her mind. This was the year to be Mary Poppins. This costume really was fun to put together, and we got an umbrella out of the deal.

And what about Felix and myself? We are scary enough on our own, no costumes needed!
Happy Halloween!
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Tabitha Blue said...

Very cute! Haha, "we are scary enough ourselves." That's how I feel this year, no costume needed for me!!

Chanelle said...

Those turned out darling! You are so very talented. And I absolutely love Bert's costume! ;)

Katie Pettey said...

Jenny, I am so impressed! The costumes look fantastic! What a fun Halloween for you. I'm so glad the pea costume worked out for Bert. I wish he was coming trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Happy Halloween!

Deb F said...

YEAH Someone was finally able to wear the Froggie suit!!! Since it is eight years old now. Everyone looks great, Have a safe and plentiful Halloween! Love you.

Tia Langston said...

Your kids are beautiful, handsome, and the husband...well, he looks like an oompa loompa (sp?)!!!