Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogging Nirvana

Over the past few months I have pretty much consigned myself to the fact that through my blogging I have traded in almost every ounce of dignity I might have ever had (in all honesty, probably not that much to begin with, really) in exchange for a few laughs. These little glimpses into who I really am have been fairly cathartic for me, but dear sweet Bert is constantly asking me if I really want people to know that about myself.

Yeah, guess I do.

So, imagine my enthusiasm today when I found a blog called "We are THAT Family" that hosts a little blog carnival called "Sincerly - Fro Me to You". And this particular week is inviting bloggers to share "scary" pictures from their past. Oh wow - you have taken me to blogging nirvana - I am actually being encouraged to share this stuff with the world? It's too much.

I am so in!

So, a quick look into the old photo box produced this:

Here I am with some really good friends from my days at the amusement park - we worked in the big money vault where only certain people were allowed. This is what we did back there. (I didn't get their permission so let's just call them Mandace and Matherine - I totally want to protect their privacy). We are caressing a blown-up photocopy of Aaarrrnold we made (with the office copier, that we then actually taped piece by piece together, and yes, we got paid for this) in celebration of Terminator 2! Hopefully my more sensitive readers will not be able to read what's written in the purple bubble. Yep, this is scary stuff - but this is also me with my Worst Hair Ever! Not only should I not have short hair, why on earth did I opt for the perm. Annie is a very cute 9 year old - but 19??? Not so cute.

And then the TV glasses as Bert calls them - all I can say is Carol from "Growing Pains" - they were the in thing. AND - he did fall in love with me when I was wearing them.

Anyhow, this is a pretty scary look into my past, where I am sure Bert wishes I would keep it!

Hee hee!


We are THAT Family said...

Oh, yes! Very Scary! Love it!
Thanks so much for participating!

Deb F said...

I remember the hair well, you were just trying to copy your big sis weren't you??

Anonymous said...

That picture's totally sweet - thank heavens the 80s and early 90s are long gone!

As for worrying about posting your life on the intarwebs, tell Bert that my wife empathizes with him - she gets very nervous about publishing anything on the internet about me or the family. She even hates that I post political rants on Facebook, and only people I know can see what I say.

There are things you have to be careful of, like publishing too much identifying information (lest someone steal your identity) or giving too much information about kids, but I am sure you are well aware of those dangers.