Friday, October 31, 2008

How Much Fun Can You Have in One Day???

Holy cow ...

So here I am sitting down to post the Halloween pictures (mostly for the sake of Aunt Debbie in Australia - I am certain she is sitting on pins and needles waiting to see how much fun we had) - anyhow, my arms are so sore and I can't figure it out until I remember that I hulled out and carved 8 pumpkins this afternoon. So I popped in a few ibuprofen and I am ready to get the party started.

Speaking of Party - we'll start with a few shots of the kids at the school party yesterday - The Boy was my very trusty helper and The King was perfect - slept and/or was just pleasant the entire time.

Today was pumpkin time - I know some people like to carve before the actual day, but I have to save it for Halloween. Makes things a little more crazy, but that's how it is. The kids were great at getting the seeds out and drawing their designs - but it was a lot of work and my arms aren't going to be too happy with me for a day or two.

But is was so worth it!

Our little potpourri of pumpkin faces, everything from happy to scary to crazy to whatever - they are all there (probably a good representation of my many moods this afternoon).

Pumpkins are done and it's time to visit the grandparents to show off how stinkin' cute we all are!

Back from the visits (thanks Nana and Papa for the special treats and thanks Julie for the Tacos) - and we are ready to rock. We snagged our neighbor to come with us and then Bert got home just in time and lookin' super sexy - wow - a fireman - aren't we one for surprises.

Here are a few action shots - I thought we might want to grab the stray shopping cart to hold the load we were planning on getting tonight ... NOT! But isn't that dog so cute? He's a big, old bassett hound that got high-centered on the steps of our back porch a few years ago, I loved his costume tonight.

Here we are at my very favorite Halloween stop - this lady totally rocks. She does this for EVERYONE who comes - I am certain she loses her voice for a few days after Halloween, but we appreciate her sacrifice.

And check out these neighbors - they go all out - I love our neighborhood.

They even had this little blow up haunted house the kids could run through - look, there's Linsey and her little cheerleader!

With all the cool stuff going on at this house, of course, what does The Boy go to? The singing heads - and stands there and dances - I love him!

A few houses away a family was barbequeing out front and offering homemade rootbeer and homemade donuts, I didn't get a picture because I was too busy eating - YUM!

Definitely more fun that we were prepared to handle in one day!

But we weren't so tuckered out that we would miss out on sampling some of the fruits of our labors.

And this little guy went for the best thing around - I LOVE those fingers - and so does he.

Now, off to bed!


Deb F said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic time! Everyone look great in their costumes. I think you need to send some of your candy (peanutbutter cups!!) my way.

sandy said...

It sure look's like you all had a fabulous Halloween!

cheraf said...

How fun! Where were those houses? Porter and Jesse could be best friends! Porter would have done a little dancing too.

Chanelle said...

Precious pictures!