Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Totally Tagged Tuesday!!!

I have to admit I was kind of glad to get tagged AGAIN because that gets me closer to something fun - this is post 98 and I have a little surprise planned for post #100! Anyhow, without further nonsense - I will get on with the tagging. (and I will be tagging new people, so that I can bother even more of you today). Thanks for thinking of me Karlyn - hope you have a great trip! I'm sure we'll get lots of photos and stories when you return. (yes, I am totally envious) (Oh, and I totally plan on overusing the word totally in this totally awesome post.)

Here we go:

1. Let's start with my funny body things, my pinkie toes sit on top of the toes next to them, I have a button on my nose that beeps when little kids push on it, and I can turn my feet so that they point almost all the way backwards (totally weird, sorry).

2. I have always wanted to have a friend named Chuck so that I could play "The Name Game" song with him ... this is why I totally fit in a junior high setting! (I was very happy to find out that Bert does have a friend named Chuck.)

3. I totally want to be friends with all the old men in my neighborhood - I want to sneak out of church with them to go get a soda at a nearby gas station - such a riot (I'm so bad)!

4. I plan my laundry folding time so that I can watch a certain show on TV - never watched it until the reruns started and now I love it and think Detective Goran of Law and Order - CI is one of the best TV characters created lately. And I am totally bummed when it is the other detective. I usually get in 2 a week.

5. I started reading The Brothers Karamozov over 10 years ago and still haven't finished, but I totally refuse to give up on it.

6. I am totally entertained by late night talk radio when they talk about aliens.

7. I am terrified of bees - if one gets buzzing around me and won't go away, I will totally freak out!

Okay - that's more about me than I EVER wanted to share and more than you EVER wanted to know! Totally glad it's done.

Totally tagging: Tia L., Linsey, Katie, Emilee, Kirsten, Margo, and my new friend Tabitha :)

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Zombette said...

Oh my GRACIOUS! I could have written #4 down to the last letter! Started watching as re-runs...secretly in 'looove' with "Bobby" Goran...plan laundry folding to coincide! LOL!

I'm glad we still have 'stuff' in common. :-) (and, re: your comment, I'm glad you still know me so well, too)

Cheers! BOTZ (bride-of-tube-zombie)