Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I Love Wednesday - THING 1

My Firstborn!

She is my sweetheart.

I fell in love the second I knew she was on her way, practically from the moment of conception. We knew she was coming.

She came into this world strong and energetic.

She has been drinking in everything around since that very moment.

As she sat on my chest as a brand new babe, she couldn't stop looking around, I didn't know newborns did that. Found out later that they don't all do that.

She is my explorer, adventurer and smarty pants.

She is always learning and teaching.

She is always helping, I ask a lot of her and she responds so very well.

She loves horses and hopes to be a famous horserider someday. When she found out that horse riding was an Olympic sport she just about lost her mind. She has a goal in sight!

She is so good about being friends with everyone, especially those that don't seem to have friends. She is willing to put herself out there to make friends.

She loves that she is as smart as her Grandpa Funk.

She loves her family very much.

She is very matter of fact about the things of life.

She is also very emotional about the things of her heart - she can let it all out.

She loves Heavenly Father and Jesus.

She was meant to be my first - I will adore her forever.

We're so glad she is ours!

Addendum: AND she picked up 16 bags worth of acorns off our front yard the other day - and Yes, I paid her!


Tabitha Blue said...

Aww, so adorable. Great pics and even better with sharing all the wonderful things that you love about her. She's blessed to have such a great mommy!

PS, thanks for tagging me! I may try and get to it this weekend. Should be fun. :)

Zombette said...

Aaaaawwww! You got me bawling *again*. She is so beautiful, just like her Mommy! What an active little mind, too. Thanks for sharing all this. I love reading your blog! (and, I love YOU!)

Cheers! BOTZ (bride-of-the-zombie)