Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aprons are officially SWAPPED!

And I totally lucked out!!!

Thanks to a very cool Mary Ann - she sent off the sweetest apron along with a bunch of other goodies.

Seriously - check out how sweet this apron is:

And now for a close-up of the fabric - I'm dying it's so sweet!

I really love this and I will be fighting my girls off on this one (okay - maybe I'll let them wear it every once in a while).

Thank you VERY MUCH Mary Ann - and I can't wait to try the cookie recipe (and the m&m's were very well received). You really went all out and we thank you very much for your kindness!

Now, the apron I sent was made of the following:

But, I forgot to snap a photo - good news, I cut out enough to make a second apron and will be making it up soon. So maybe I'll through in a photo later - and maybe not.

Whatever - right?

A HUGE thank you to Lucy for hosting the Sassy Apron Swap - this is way too much fun!

Hope you all are having a great weekend, we sure did, for the most part. ;)


firstborn said...

hi jenny!

i am sew glad that you received your apron & extra goodies!!! i am thrilled & relieved that you like the apron...i love that print like i said in my note & really crossed my fingers that you did too! glad your kids enjoyed the m & ms! :)

it warms my heart that i made someone (YOU) smile!

have a great holiday season!!!

xo mary ann

Tabitha Blue said...

Sounds like fun, what a cute apron you've got!!

Like the new header, too cute!

arbee said...

Thanks for my lovely apron & package!!! The apron you made is really cute and I love that it is reversible... I will post pictures of both sides when I get a chance, then you can link and show off your fabulous work. :)

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