Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday on Tuesday, posted on Wednesday

UGH - the flu - not my best friend.

So the Muffin Tin Challenge that I was so excited about was put on hold until I was feeling a little better.

This week's challenge was all about our Family Heritage. So, I had to go for a little Danes vs. Swedes kind of thing. I have a ton of Danish ancestry and Bert has a ton of Swedish (and some Danish - I don't have any Swedish that I know of, yet). And since we like to get after each other about which is best - I decided to bring food into the little battle.

So - here's our little epic family friendly battle of the
Swedes vs. the Danes
The top portions are Swedish things: carrots (fresh veggies weren't very available in those colder regions - so roots were about the only vegetables they could eat often), then we had a new dish for our family: Janssons Frestelse (a creamy casserole of onions, potatoes and .... fish), and of course - Swedish Meatballs with White Sauce.
The bottom row represented Denmark - we started with a roast pork sandwich on dark rye with sweet and sour cabbage and an orange slice, then an apple danish and to finish off, my favorite little Danish Christmas decoration made into a cookie - yum.
This is what I LOVE about the Muffin Tins - there is a chance to have a bit of a Smorgasbord (hee hee) and try a few different things and if the kids only eat three bites of each one, I still feel good about their meal. Yay!
The votes:
Carrots - 4 Yum - 1 Icky
Janssons Frestalse - 0 Yum - 5 Icky
Swedish Meatballs - 5 Yum - 0 Icky
Pork Sandwich - 2 Yum - 3 Icky
Apple Danish - 4 Yum - 1 Icky
Danish Heart Cookie - 5 Yum - 0 Icky
Looks like the Danes Win!!!
(hee hee - yes, I know it wasn't really a fair battle with 2 desserts on the Danes side, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do)
And after the way Bert only ate half his dinner on Election Eve (sticking with his convictions), I didn't tell him that there was a bit of a competition with the muffin tin dinner.
Again - hee hee hee!
Thanks Michelle for taking on the Muffin Tin Monday Challenge - We love 'em!
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Michelle Sybert said...

Awesome! And waht a cute idea to take votes!!