Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sick Mom vs. Healthy Three Year Old Boy

Yesterday, The Boy took on Sick Mom!

It was a stand-off, a classic battle of the ages!

The Boy started by sneaking away with a box of Lucky Charms (yes, I trick myself into thinking they are somewhat healthy because of the whole grain oats, eye rolls accepted .... now!) into the great room. Sick Mom was settled down with The King, trying to get him to take a little nap.

When Sick Mom emerged (around 10 am), victorious in getting The King to sleep, she was welcomed by the following sight. (Please note that all of the marshmallows have been consumed and we are left with the "healthy" oats.)

The Boy was told he needed to clean up the mess. He said it was too big of a mess. Sick Mommy said that if he was big enough to make a big mess, he was big enough to clean up a big mess. And Sick Mommy left it at that.

Here is the couch at noon!

The Boy is now informed that Sick Mommy will not be preparing him lunch until he cleans up the mess. (Trying a little Love and Logic here people - don't call Family Services, The Boy could eat the Lucky Charms if he was really that hungry.)

The Boy takes matters into his own hands and creates his own lunch - yes, that is uncooked spiderman macaroni with the cheese powder sprinkled on top, now settled to the bottom.

Sick Mom lets him eat the dry mac and cheese, which ends up being a good thing as she is now able to keep track of him by the loud chomping sounds.

Sick Mom checks on the couch again, at 4 pm. Hmmm. We're not making any progress - and why isn't the dog eating this? Our dog eats poo and won't touch Lucky Charms? That's kind of a scary message - hmmmmmm.

Sick Mom realizes it is 6pm and Dad will be home soon. She ups the anty - she tells The Boy that he will be going to bed now and not able to see Daddy today since he didn't clean up the mess.

For the zillionth time, The Boy drops his head, slunks down his shoulders and wanders off saying he is going to clean up the mess. Sick Mom is very doubtful, but 10 minutes later wanders in on the following:

Look who loves his Daddy!

And now that I know what motivates him, I wonder if I should tell him that he can't see his dad again until he's potty trained?


Julie said...

I am sorry about the flu!
I love that you did not clean it up and made the boy do it. Good job. Kids...

Chanelle said...

That's no fun that you were sick ~ but it made for a very funny post! :)

Love ya!

Tabitha Blue said...

LOL, that is how you get it done!! I've been wondering sometimes myself. Now what happens if we're both home....

Good job for not giving in and cleaning it yourself!

It's not easy when you're not feeling well. Hope you get better soon!!

cheraf said...

I love this post, but I'm sorry you've been sick! He is so cute and so smart. Way to stick to your guns and make him clean it up himself - he did a good job too!