Monday, November 24, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday - What We're Thankful For

This week is a focus on Gratitude - although we can never focus on it too much, I am glad we took some time to do it today.

Our little family each listed things we are thankful for and the foods made it into our Muffin Tin Dinner tonight.

Here it is:

Here is what we are thankful for:

Bert is thankful for Steak

I am thankful for Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Thing 1 is thankful for Spanish Tortilla

Thing 2 is thankful for Strawberries

The Boy is thankful for Swaniches (Grilled Cheese Sandwiches)

The King can't talk yet, but due to fabulous FAT babyness - he must be very thankful for Milk (although we are not drinking the same kind that he is)

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And some of the other things we are grateful are listed below.

Bert: Jenny, Barcelona, upright bass, seasons and tigers

Jenny: Bert, Spain, washer and dryer, sunsets and elephants

Thing 1: The King and Thing 2, school, model horses, birds and horses

Thing 2: Jesus, home, clothes, plants and bees

The Boy: Dad, cabin, cars, bugs and hippos

The King: well, we're just thankful for him!

(we were asked to list a food, a person, a place, an item we own, something in nature and an animal we are thankful for)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Deb F said...

Here is my entry! Hey i have to be part of the family some how!

Mom, home, twice baked potatoes(craving them right now for some reason!), my camera!

Love ya!

Julie said...

Your kids are so funny, and what is up with the animals? You guys saving up for a Safari?