Thursday, November 6, 2008

Something from the Photobox - Let it Snow!

I just absolutely love the whole concept of "Fro Me To You" because it is all about getting out the old photos that will NEVER be put in a scrapbook (for good reason, mind you), and sharing them openly. This is definitely lessening the amount of stuff my kids will be able to hold over my head when they are older and need to try to blackmail me or something like that.

I will just look at them and say, "Ya, honey, that's not the most ideal moment from my past, but I've already shared it with the world."

No blackmailing going on around here.

Can't wait to break open the yearbook!

So here we go today:

Anyhow - here's a peek at my roommate and myself with some friends up at school - it was Spring Quarter (date is on the photo) and we got a pretty good snow storm. Unfortunately, the photographer didn't get the snow on the ground - so you have to peek up into the trees to see it there.

We just wanted to show off what Spring Quarter was like at Utah State University - aren't ya'll jealous?

This is probably one of the very few times I have been photographed in a swimsuit - hee hee.

If you want to check out other old-need-to-stay-in-the-photobox pictures,

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Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, swimsuits in snow... yeah jealous wouldn't be the word I'd use, LOL :)

Love the new layout and design. Looks great!!

Andy and Kim said...

You have to love Utah State! Go Aggies! You look good minus the fuzzy picture.

Chanelle said...

LOL ~ Hilarious! But we really didn't get to see you in a bathing suit ~ we just saw your shoulders. ;)