Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What I Love Wednesday - Uncle Boogerhead

In honor of the little bit of snow we have received today, after having a lovely 70 degree day on Halloween (oh, how things change around here), I am thinking of my brother, the ski bum, Eric.

So, what do I love about my big brother?

First of all - I love this picture of him. He is holding The Boy just before he moved off to ski bum land, they each have the same look on their faces.

I love that he teaches my kids to say booger - he's still hoping for that to be the first word of one of them (looks like he has one more chance).

I love that he either calls or emails whenever it is snowing, just to share his enthusiasm.

I love that his day consists of being the first one on the slopes, skiing for a few hours, coming in just in time to start his shift at the resort. Then working with his friends until closing and being in bed by 10 so that he be up first thing in the morning again. What a schedule.

I love his cooking.

I love his friendly nature.

I love his new dog.

I love that he lives in such a beautiful place that it is a double treat to go visit him.

I love that he perfected the art of deep frying twinkies ... sick, but lovable.

I love that when my in-laws were up his way, he went to the store to buy pepsi because the resort only serves coke products, and she only drinks pepsi.

I love that he is on Skype and talks to us frequently.

I love that he adores my kids.

I love that he gets along so well with Bert.

I love that he always tells me what a good mom I am, little does he know ;)
I love that he always tells me how well-behaved and cool my kids are - again ;)

I love that he is so loving and generous with his heart.

I love that he is not attached to physical possessions.

I love that he loves nature, great literature, fine food and good music.

I love that he loves my mom dearly, he does not take kindly to anyone offending her.

I love that he is a ham, he performed at Disneyland when he was a kid.

I love his free spirit.

I miss him, but love that we are still as close as ever even though he lives away from me.

He really is a great big brother, I think my sis would agree.

He really is a great uncle, I think my kids would agree.

He really is a great friend, I think everyone would agree!

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Deb F said...

I second this! Awesome big brother!