Thursday, December 4, 2008

Decorating the Tree - and a 'Fro Moment from Christmas Past

Last night we decorated the tree and it feels so very nice. The kids are getting to be so helpful and make it a fun experience for everyone.

It's so much better than the days when I tackled this alone - like Thing 1's First Christmas. Bert did help me pick out the tree and get it in the stand, but the rest was up to me. When it was done I wanted to snap a photo, of course. I gathered the family, set the timer, and got a great shot of my hip:

We set the timer again and this time it worked much better.

And just as we sat back to enjoy the glow of the tree, this happened:

Hmmmm, seems we didn't have it quite straight - don't worry, we fixed it up, but it never looked quite as good as it did right at first.
Now we have an artificial tree and it does a good job of staying in place. So, with the help of my kidlets - this is what we put together last night.

And to top it off:

Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating!
And if you get a chance, share your decorating with the rest of us.
If you have some great Christmas memories that might not make it in the scrapbook (even though my fallen tree totally made it in my scrapbook), you should share in the
If you want to show off your current efforts, then go to
I am sure you will find great pictures, memories and stories at both!


proudgrits11 said...

Oh, your blog is so festive, I love it!! :)
Thanks for dropping by--we've had more than one fallen trees over the years--one of which resulted in "The Ape Face" and the stomping on of ornaments from my mother--a cherished Christmas memory! :)
Our tree should go up before the weekend--I'll be posting about it, of course!!
Roots & Wings

Jerralea said...

We have had fallen trees before too. We've never found the perfect tree stand, yet -- according to my hubby!

Thanks for coming by Jerri's Journey. Yes, a purple sailor dress was a curiosity. Looking back, I'm amazed I had the guts to wear it!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, my goodness - love the hip shot. But I love the panda ornament more. I am embarrassed to admit that I am *a bit* panda obsessed.

Chanelle said...

LOL ~ What a hilarious post!

Jenny86753oh9 said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I haven't encountered a fallen tree....yet. We have 2 boys and 3 dogs so it's only a matter of time!

Julie said...

thanks for the good laugh, i have never seen a tree fall over, and yours is awesome!

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Cute - love it that the kids helped. Mine, well, when we finally *do* get to the tree, I'll have more "help" than will be worth it! ;-) said...

Love that hip shot... gotta love timers!
We're getting our tree on Saturday...can't wait!

We are THAT Family said...

Your site is so jolly!

Love the hip shot and the knocked over tree picture. That cracked me up (sorry!)

Jenn said...

Oh I've had my share of falling trees always with casualties!

Tammy said...

Love the hip photo, I've got several shots of my own over the years.

Your ornaments are so pretty.

marky said...

What a fun blog! Thanks for posting on mine today;-)
we had a tree in the playpen one year b/c my then toddler wouldn't leave it alone and he knocked it over a dozen times!

jennifer said...

The kaput tree laying in the floor WAS NOT FUNNY. I am not laughing. I refuse to giigle at the misfortune of others.


How very bloggerish of you to grab the camera and capture that moment! :)

littletoesandcheerios said...

I'm lovin' you header.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm glad I made you laugh!

Pretty ornaments.

Rebecca said...

Oh my....I didn't see that tree toppling coming at all.

Hilarious, although I'm sure it was less than funny when it happened.

Beautiful tree you've got now, though.

Happy Holidays!

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, those pictures are the best...they remind you of what REALLY happened!

Tabitha Blue said...

Aww that poor little tree!! What a fun memory though, those are the ones we don't easily forget and laugh about for years!!

I love my artificial tree, already strung with lights, so I just have to plug in and decorate!!! Perfect for me :)