Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We Found The King's Funny Bone!

We figured it out ... The King likes physical comedy. We had been thinking more improvisational, maybe even a bit dead pan, but he definitely prefers the good old-fashioned physical schtick. We'll get him set up with some Marx Brothers right away!


The Uzelac's said...

This is the cutest form of child abuse I've ever witnessed.

Deb F said...

I laughed SOOOOO hard watching this. BTW I saw his twin sister tonight in Manila, I thought this beautiful little girl was going suck the life out of her chubby little fingers as well. If I had had my camera I would taken a picture.

Deb F said...

I have watched and shared this video with a lot of people. Bt one thing i have to say is that this reminds soooo much of when oyu moved into you home and Thing 1 was not much older. Me and uncle Boogerhead had a large stuffed Speedy Gonzalas. We had Thing 1 laughing soo hard we thought she would turn purple a few times. It runs in the family.