Sunday, December 7, 2008

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Obviously, I need to - according to my Sweet Thing 2!

I was out doing some Holiday Shopping on Saturday for a few hours (2 to be exact) and came home to this sight:

Red Glitter on the kitchen floor. (and don't make fun my ugly linoleum - I am trying to get rid of it somehow)

Red Glitter on the landing and stairs.

The most Red Glitter on the carpet by my bed.

The explanation I was given was that she wanted me to "Believe" in fairies, so she sprinkled "pixie dust" all over the home while I was gone. (and for the record, Daddy was home with the kids while I was out)

Funny thing is that I was at the store buying fairies for her - hmmmm (and that's a santa secret by the way).

Is she Naughty or Nice??? Yes, I'll admit she is VERY SWEET - but isn't this a bit naughty for an almost 7 year old?
What do I need to tell Santa???

And if you see me and I am sparkling - just know that we LITERALLY have Red Glitter all over our home. I had a pile of clean clothes in my bedroom ready to be put away, now ready to be washed again - unless I am okay with just SPARKLING!!!


Carri said...

That is too cute. So do you believe in fairy's now?

Deb F said...

Answer the question Jen…do you believe in fairies now? :)

BTW-her intent was far from naughty.

Andrea said...

That's adorable. Did it work?

Jenny in Utah said...

Hmmmmm - about the fairies - well, hmmmmm! But I do believe in really cute kids - they totally exist.

Corrine said...

you know you could always just add glue to the kitchen floor and then sprinkle glitter, and there you have it a new floor! :)

not naughty just sweet!

(came over via mormon mommies)

Karlyn said...

Okay, I think it is adorable! You will have glitter around your house forever now, but nonetheless, adorable!

And, I think it's funny Bert was home, that is such a dad thing!

Tink said...

I just happened on your blog from Mommy Blogs where I also belong and I was interested because YES I believe in fairies or my site wouldn't be called Tink! Faith, Trust and Pixie dust! You have a darling blog! Thanks for letting me stop by. I'll be back.

arbee said...

Here's the link to my Sassy Apron Swap post...

Thanks again for my fab package!! :)

Chanelle said...

hehe! Don't you love kids? ;)