Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Mark of a Responsible Family ...

This morning as I was changing/folding/sorting/swimming in our piles of laundry, I turned on the morning news for a little distraction. They had a Doctor (I am assuming a doctor of veterinary science - I hope) giving advice about gifts people can give to their pets or give to animal people. I am an animal person, so I watched.

An item similar to this came up for discussion:

This is a leash made of hemp - you can buy one HERE!

As she described this 100% natural hemp product, she stated that this is a product for "The Responsible, Green Family" -

Holy cow - it's that easy - I just go buy an $18.00 natural hemp leash for my dog and ta-daaaa - I am now the proud matron of a "Responsible Family".


And all along I thought these 10 loads of laundry I was working on had something to do with it.


Tink said...

Hahaha. We're totally animal fanatics (beings we have 2 beagles, a cat, and 2 budgies), but I'm thinking I'll hang onto our leashes a little longer. And I'm still working on the MOUNDS and MOUNDS of laundry. Darn these kids who stick clean clothes into the dirty laundry. Grrrr.

Tabitha Blue said...

What a great gift idea!! And congrats on being a responsible family!!! :)