Thursday, December 11, 2008

A 'Fro Moment for my Bro!

This "Sincerely 'Fro Me to You" moment is dedicated to my BRO
- Uncle Boogerhead -
as I went through all the photos from Christmas 1990 - This one made my day:

Those pants - I think we made him wear those at least once - such a mean thing to do to such a tough guy! I am sure they are long gone - it's a shame - the things I could do with those pants now ...

This was my first Christmas as "an adult" - one evening my roommate from my college dorm came home with this, I wasn't really sure what she was going to do with that icicle, but I kept a safe distance.

We made gingerbread houses - there's Mere

Yep - pretty scary Anne-Marie and nameless date

I think I made the little train -

Here is my attempt to bring a little holiday cheer into my icky old dorm room

and we still had this skeleton hanging around since Halloween - so we added a little Christmas cheer to him, too.

And here is my 10 inch tall Christmas Tree - lovely, isn't it?

Good thing I actually went home for Christmas - I obviously wasn't ready to handle the holiday on my own!

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It's always a good time (at least for those of us willing to submit to a little public humiliation ... or submit our family/friends to it - evil laugh).


We are THAT Family said...

Oh, does that bring back some icky dorm memories? I lived in a very old building and I tried every year to decorate it on my non existent decorating budget!

Tink said...

How fun and what precious memories! I love the pj bottoms...very stylin'! And, I TOTALLY remember dorm rooms! Gotta love it. Have an awesome day!

Deb F said...

Need to add that to Uncle Boogerheads post! Just think he did have hair at one point. Good thing I live far away after that statement. Looking forward to future "Fro" moments.