Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Holiday Marathon Post - 20 Photos Involved!!!

We had a great Christmas this year - and I thought I better take a few moments to share some of the fun and memories with you all. No Debbie - I am not trying to make you more homesick - so maybe you should just skip this post.

Unfortunately my camera didn't make it to our Bowling party on the 23rd - but is was super fun - The Boy had to bowl all by himself - Thing 1 and Thing 2 started getting competitive - everyone kept offering to hold The King when it was my turn to bowl - Thing 2 ordered a Coke from the snack counter - and Jenny had the best score of the night (but let's not mentioned that the girls bowled for Bert when he was busy taking The Boy to the potty 5 different times). Thanks to Nana and Papa for a very fun evening!

Christmas Eve was spent with Bert's family - our favorite tradition is to have the girls do Santa Lucia. This year Grace decided she was too old, so Thing 1 took the wreath and led the girls - it was so sweet!

Then they had to sing "I Want a Hippopotomus" to everyone, The Boy joined in, and after the song took a moment to sing his favorite Christmas song - "Na na na na na - Batman!"

We made the kids sleep in The Boys room where they would all be contained and CAUGHT if they tried to sneak to the tree before morning! (and yes, I caught them at 4 am and made them go back to bed).

Here we are making our way to the tree at a much more respectable 7:30 am!

Robes - slippers - PJ's - Presents - and bed head - ahhhhh, Christmas morning.

We went to Nana and Papa's to visit that morning and open a few presents, as well as the package Debbie sent from Australia - it was fun to visit and we are so thankful for the nice things we received - those tea sets are too darling, Nana!

And The Boy is still in his PJ's!

Bert and The King got into a little wrestling match - the first of many to come I am sure!

And we wore Nana out - it was time to go ...

... to the cabin! Look - Grandpa and Grandma are in matching shirts - how very cute, and they didn't even plan it!

We heard a bell outside and ran to the window to see:

Old Saint Nick making his way back to the North Pole.

We invited him to come in and had to share a few hugs and thank yous!

But he was so tired after a long days work, he had to get on his way.

Some of the fun at the cabin included snowmobiles



And playing in the snow - and yes, The Boy is wearing pink snow pants! We forgot to pack his blue ones and so he had to borrow Kaylie's pants and coat. She had to go home so they could save her mommy's life - it was quite an ordeal but we are soooooo glad that Tia is recovering - what a scary few days.

On our way home from the cabin we passed the friendly neighborhood bison

AND a bald eagle - how cool is that???

We had such a great holiday, so much time spent with family.
Thanks everyone for all your love and kindness - we can't wait to have Debbie here with us next year - and Uncle Boogerhead - Idaho isn't that far - we would love to have you come down, too!


linsey said...

what a perfect Christmas! (i am so jealous of the cabin thing, but very happy for you!) and just so you know, my new years resolution is to comment on your blog (and no one else's! just kidding!) LOVE YOU!

Tabitha Blue said...

What a wonderful Christmas!!!! Pj's, slippers and bedhead are the perfect part of Christmas morning!!!

Oh and very cute blog design!!



Amber said...

Love the new blog look and all of the cool things you learn to do!What a great Christmas! Glad you all had a nice, relaxing time with the fam. And how cool are those megablocks, wow!

Tink said...

What AMAZING pictures! I also loved the picture of the bison and eagle! Wow. I loved the picture of the kids coming upstairs and looking totally groggy as they're opening up gifts! A classic. I hope you had a great new year's day. Hugs to you.