Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Ultimate Facebook Snub

Okay - so I signed up with Facebook earlier this year (before blogging took over my cyber life). I wanted to make sure that I could be found before my 20 year high school reunion (which isn't any time soon - and don't ask me to define "soon"). I haven't decided if I will actually attend the reunion, but I wanted to make sure I was contacted. Within a few weeks I became friends with the girl who is keeping up the list of alumni - and now I am on the list. Mission accomplished!

Well, I couldn't leave it at that, my addictive personality urged me to look through my university alumni lists and while perusing through all the names and faces I came across someone I worked with for a year in the dorms. We lived close by each other, attended meetings and parties and all sorts of the same things, and one time I even set her up on a blind date with a friend of Bert's. I made my Chicken Mozzerella - I thought it was a nice evening for all of us. (Okay, so maybe her date was not really what she had in mind, but he's no psychotic stalker and we have all endured a blind date or two that we hope to forget someday - this was probably one of those.) Anyhow, I guess I just remember having fun hanging out and contacted her with a quick message and a friend request.

My request was granted and we were friends again.

So, what am I even writing about?

A few weeks ago I received one of those same requests from another girl who worked with us. She found me the same way and we have since exchanged a few updates and laughs about the past. I remembered that our other coworker was on my friend list and went to get the information to send on to my new old friend, and guess what???

She wasn't there anymore.

She removed me as a friend.


She's still on Facebook, but I'm not one of her "Friends" anymore.


So, we hadn't communicated for a few months.

Is that really a crime?

Do we all keep up with EVERYONE on our list of Friends?



Now I don't feel one bit bad about setting her up on a lame blind date!

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Jen said...

I always feel so guilty when I "decline" people's friendships! I don't usually do it, but some of them I barely even know... Now I feel even worse. They're all probably feeling totally snubbed by me! Oh well. I'm awful at getting to Facebook anyway.

And that WAS rude, by the way. She totally deserved the date.