Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jenny's Most "Egg"cellent Sunday

Although we believe that the Sabbath should be treated as a day of rest - with our little three year old boy, Sunday ACTUALLY being a day of rest would be as miraculous as Moses parting the Red Sea.

However, we do the best we can.

As I was taking my 3.2 minute shower this morning, The Boy was busy with more of his "baking" antics - this time he actually went for the big "break". And he covered his sisters' floor with a lovely gooey coating of fresh egg - we are waiting to see what kind of a sheen it produces and maybe we'll find a new treatment for our wood floors ... hmmmmm.

(And Blogger - you make me crazy sometimes with the sideways photos - it's only the first two thankfully)

The eggs covered the floor and the shells were delicately left on the desk.

Since I still needed to get dressed, do my hair and make-up, The Boy was

With the

securely fastened!
And we made it to church ... ON TIME even!
Later that evening we all got a hankering for something sweet. I pulled out the Christmas tree shaped cupcake pans and got to work.

Thing 2 was right there with me, helping every step of the way.

I realized that I hadn't even looked for more eggs from the incident this morning, there were no egg crates or eggs to be found - and I had three crates in my fridge earlier in the day, when I slaved over a hot griddle making pancakes (and this is my thanks....)
Thing 2 pipes in that she remembered seeing some egg cartons in the spare room - off we flew to find

The Boy is called in for questioning.
Mom asks him where the eggs are (hoping with all that is in her that there are intact eggs hiding somewhere within the walls of our happy little abode).
The Boy thinks and miracle of miracles REMEMBERS where he put them:

Whew - 15 eggs still good as gold!
Now off to get baking! We whip up some batter and

We OVERFILL the cups a bit and let them bake, pull them out when done and get them cooling. Now it is time to mix up some green buttercream, them microwave it just enough so that we can have

We get them all (almost all) dipped and

Like I am really surprised - one guess who has the missing cake.

But who really cares because now we are pulling out the bag of Halloween candy we set aside to make gingerbread houses (next week - and we still have plenty of candy) and we are decorating our own Christmas Trees - Thing 1 and Thing 2 came up with that idea.

Here's my finished product (forgot to turn off the flash)

And it's time to dig in!
Thing 2 is

So, after all is said and done and eaten ... it's time to clean up, starting with the living and breathing organisms in our home:

And if you are looking for something better than candy:

As we prepare for bed, we take a minute to look at our current status with Santa - this is hanging RIGHT by our Christmas Tree so Santa can know if there are any last minute changes in behavior before he leaves the toys.

Yep - The King is perfect this year - we can only hope for the others!!!
And The Boy picked a very fitting game to play to conclude the evening - I am hoping it was a statement of remorse for his antics - and I wish we would have had time to let him play - I was really curious who would win.


Chanelle said...

This was hilarious! I think you need to enroll that kid in cooking lessons right now!

Deb F said...

You can always send him to me!! :)

Tabitha Blue said...

Ok, well those candy muffins look great!!!!!

Julie said...

Brady told us the egg story at church! That boy is too much! Soo funny.
I need to learn how to label my pictures! it is so cute and fun. Is that photo shop?

Deb F said...

Oh one more thing, the King's hair looks quite long for one of your kids, and blond. Was it the light?

Kasey Hunt said...

I'm so reading up on you now!! This too is funny. What patience you have. What's the recipe for the cake trees? They look really good.