Monday, December 15, 2008

Will Blog for Gift Cards!

find your friends at

There is a new site out there dedicated to all of us social bloggers. It is called The Blog Frog and has all sorts of ways you can get connected with other bloggers.

The first way is to gather information on all of the bloggers you are linked to in your blog and then you go to The Blog Frog and it will tell you people who are linked to the same sites/blogs. This just happens automatically when you sign up. However, if you are private, you do need to make your blog public for a brief moment for this to happen, IF and ONLY IF you want this to happen.

The second way is by gathering some information on where and when you went to school - (only as much as you feel comfortable sharing, of course) and then you can look for old classmates.

Then there four fun widgets you can add - I added one that will show you others that have similar links on their blogs - so maybe you can make a new friend or two - give it a try. The other three widgets are very fun and you ought to go check them out, too!

Anyhow, if you go to their site, then you will find out that I am doing this in the hopes of winning a gift card to Target (my home away from home).

Yes, I will blog for gift cards.


Katie said...

Jenny, This is the first time I've actually clicked on your blog since you changed it from Halloween. I just have you on my reader - it saves time. Anyway, it is SO CUTE!!!! I just love your family. Have a great day!

Tabitha Blue said...

I think I may check it out! You're the second blog I've seen mentioning it. Thanks for the heads up!!


Tink said...

Hahaha...blogging for gifts! Love it. I'm on my way to check it out! Sounds fun!