Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What I Love Wednesday - Jesus the Christ

I didn't think I would have any time today to sit and share a few thoughts, but my heart is full and I want to take this time for myself to really focus on Christ and what He means to me in my life. Without meaning to, it seems we have spent much of this season in material pursuits, perhaps I haven't had as much of my focus where it should be.
So, before I head off to bed, I need to really bring Christ into our Christmas and take the time to be grateful for the gift of a Savior to the world.
I am so grateful that I have been taught about Jesus since I can remember.
Whenever I see pictures of Him, a peaceful feeling comes over me and I want to keep looking. He brings that peace into my daily life.
When I have faced some of the tougher trials I have had in this life, I have felt comforted and loved by Him.
I know that He loves me.
I am so grateful for the manner in which He came into this world, the miraculous and humble nature of it are such a great lesson to me.
I am so grateful for the teachings we have. There is no better teacher and no greater master than our Savior. If I am ever conflicted in decisions I need to make, I know that I can always ponder on His example and think of what He would do and the decision becomes so much clearer to me.
I love His parables, His manner of teaching was so kind and perfect and pure. If I am not learning, it is my own fault.
I love that He lived on this Earth for the sole purpose of doing the work of our Father in Heaven, there was nothing selfish in what He did and what He said. Everything He did was directed outwardly.
I love that He atoned for us, and although my mortal mind cannot even begin to comprehend the full extent of this act, my spirit cries out to me that this is the greatest thing that has happened on the face of this earth and it was done because He loves us.
He is the perfect example.
He is my Savior, my Redeemer.
Eternal Life is possible through Him and only Him.
He atoned for us, He died for us, He resurrected for us. He, being perfect, had no need for any of these himself, all was done that we might be partakers of this eternal goodness our Father in Heaven has for us.
I love Him.
I have loved Him as long as I can remember, and I will love Him eternally.
I pray that my children will also know how much they are loved by our Savior, Jesus Christ.
I pray that I can follow His example better in my everyday life.
I pray that tomorrow, as we celebrate his birth, we can think of Him and keep Him the focus of our day, and our lives.
Merry Christmas.