Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh the Joy of Christmas Morning

Oh, Christmas Morning! What fun it is to rip into the surprises that sit under the tree - this is one of the great joys of childhood. Wrapping paper strewn across the floor, new toys and books and goodies to enjoy, and

smiles as big as Texas on their sweet little faces!

Wait - what's the matter with this picture - it's only December 23rd!!!

This is what I get for spending a few minutes trying to get some photos sent to our Photo Printers in order to complete someone's Christmas Surprise!


Merry Christmas everyone.

And why I thought a few little goodies from Mom and Dad could survive under the tree until Christmas morning, with The Boy and his boundless curiosity - well - I asked for it!


Tink said...

Cute pictures! I bet these sweethearts were happier than a pickle getting eaten to open a present BEFORE Christmas! (how's that for an analogy?) Have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

the MomBabe said...

Hey, I can't find an email address for you anywhere! Anyways. Your girls didn't win the Karaoke contest, but they're so danged cute I think they need something anyways. So, email me with your address (sweetmommybingham@gmail.com) and I'll send them a 'lil something. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Tia Langston said...

Our dog often unwrapped presents under our tree before Christmas...but that was usually because some kind of treat was wrapped within. I didn't even attempt to leave presents under the tree this year...I know Brody would have opened then as well! Funny memory though!

Amber said...

That is the cutest picture ever! Opening a Christmas gift is so exciting, but when you're not supposed to--EVEN BETTER!